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NYC SUV™ - Luxury Limousine Service

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Licensed for hire and insured by WCTLC. In good standings since 2006.

At NYC SUV we have a basic philosophy: “whatever road you travel in life, make sure you do it safely and comfortably.” With a fleet of vehicles fitted with the latest electronics, supplied with amenities not found in our competitors and driven by our superiorly well trained drivers, we invite you to ride with NYC SUV and see what our clients have already experienced: exceptional on-time performance, luxurious comforts, unparalleled safety and service, all designed to accommodate your every need.

We are the first and only Limousine service, serving the Tri-State area, whose fleet is entirely composed of SUV Limousines. A fact that gives us a true sizable advantage in serving any well seasoned traveler.

Whether you’re a single passenger looking for uncompromising service, safety and superior comfort or a group of friends or colleagues eager to take on the town, we’ve got a SUV Limo that’s ready to accommodate. Each of our SUVs is designed to satisfy and soothe the senses. Starting with supple leather seating and your preferred music, played through an audio system that would please any Rock Star. If you feel like working, plug in your laptop and stretch your tired legs in the roominess of our wide and deep cabin. Or you can just simply sit back and relax. Whichever you choose, It’s all here for your comfort or productivity.

Worried about rain, sleet or snow? Our NYC SUV limos are designed and equipped to handle any weather condition, guaranteeing you a safe and reliable journey. So while it may be a little rough on the outside, you’ll still be enjoying the calm peaceful relaxing conditions, on the inside.

NYC SUV, having already established extremely high standards, continues to evolve, meeting the modern day needs of our travelers. We are constantly improving our services and updating our fleet of SUV limousines. So expect a few pleasant surprises each and every time you ride with us. We know your life changes, that’s why we do too.

At NYC SUV, comfort, reliability and service isn’t just a guarantee, it’s a philosophy. It’s your road, it’s your journey, but it’s our privilege to make your travels special. Because at NYC SUV, Traveling Big, is the only way to travel.

So come and experience a philosophy of wonderful service and luxurious comfort.



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